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This woman Latasha Morris is married but it does not slow her down any. My friend told me and confirmed that she hits up man on Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram or any other social media for the reason to sleep with and that reason only your man or husband. Heard she is I guess punishing her self for cheating on her husband numerous times. So she thinks it's making herself mad at herself I guess. Not all there if you ask me. She sleeps with all these men while her children are in school or run somewhere for an amount of time enough for who to get it off I guess. This friend told me some stories about her that would blow your mind. She tells all the men that she is seperated and this and that from her husband but her husband says different. That they are working things out and so on. So if your man or husband is on social media a little more than usual or just on there a lot you might want to check in on it and make sure Latasha Morris is not one of there friends. Was told she will tell them she uses her husband for a vehicle and a place to live because she does not want to work and take care of her self or her self and kids. That she depends on her husband to pay for everything and supply her a vehicle. And yes that means for her little meets and greets if thats what you want to call them lol. Was told by numerous people that know her that she spends money like she works four jobs lol. They all said they see her at so many stores so many times a week it is unbelievable. A few people that have seen her trying to hide or she probably wouldn't say hide more like dodge or avoid people she knows in stores and such because she is with yet another man in such short amount of time. So ladies be aware of the woman who is trying so sleep with as many men as possible in a certain amount of time? I don't know I'm sorry we all cant come up with a good reason for her to or want to. It is facts though. We all have a word for those type of woman don't we ladies? Yes that is right, whore or if you would say in short terms hoe lol. Be careful ladies don't let this wrecker ruin your relationship or family like she is out to do.

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John Bigbone

Hey Tashia I heard you suck cock.

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Tshia could blow on my exhaust pipe to get my car started it's a v-8

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